Please be informed that due to organizational reasons the TRANSNOISE conference was postponed to autumn 2017.

More details will be available soon.

International Conference TRANSNOISE 2017

autumn 2017, Poland


Languages: English and Polish

TRANSNOISE is a unique event in Central and Eastern Europe that takes place regularly. For the third time already the conference will bring together administration, researchers, roads and railway authorities, environmental agencies, consultancy and engineering companies, manufacturers, suppliers and contractors from different countries. TRANSNOISE 2017 will combine theory with practice and highlight specific issues, solutions, implementation examples and research results that promote the use of more effective methods to control traffic noise and mitigate its impact. It is particularly important with regard to preparation of investment projects to be financed under the EU budgetary perspective 2014-2020, which will be a period of intensive development and upgrading of transport infrastructure. The conference will also be a great opportunity for participants to share views and experience in international environment.

Environmental noise affects a large number of Europeans. The public perceives it as one of the major environmental problems. The European Commission estimates that around 20 % of the EU’s population suffer from noise levels that is considered to be unacceptable. Noise exposure not only leads to sleep disturbance, annoyance and hearing impairment, but also to other health problems such as cardiovascular disorders. Noise also impacts on wildlife, it is susceptible to changing migration routes and moving animals away from their preferred feeding and breeding grounds.

Noise is associated with many human activities, but it is the traffic noise – road, rail and air traffic noise that has the highest impact. This is particularly a problem for the urban environment: about 75 % of Europe’s population lives in cities, and traffic volumes are still on the rise.The Directive 2002/49/WEprovides a common basis for tackling noise across the European Union.

The III International Conference on Protecting the Environment from Traffic Noise TRANSNOISE 2017 will be the floor to share experience in noise protection and effective measures in countering transportation noise. First  come the activities aimed at reducing noise emission. They have to do mainly with road pavements, railway/tramway tracks, vehicles (wheels and tires, engine, aerodynamics ect.) and speed management. Also mitigation of noise exposure takes place in a number of fields: noise control policy (regulations, noise mapping, noise control plans), land use planning, route setting, infrastructure design, noise protection facilities along roads and railways and noise abatement measures in propagation areas. All those topics will be addressed during the conference and showcased with examples of implementation and research results.


Languages: English and Polish

The description is based inter alia on information provided on the website of the European Environmental Agency,

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